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Welcome, Aloha

I live my passion inspiring lives to breathe well, eat well, live well beginning with one breath a time. to promote awareness for optimal health & wellness through the therapeutic profound Complementary and integrative practices which include Ashtanga Yoga, Breath, Meditation, education on balanced diet, nutrition, juicing, Mindful living and other self-care therapy. I truly believe the benefits of these practices to be a positive transformation. a holistic approach that compliments my experience, knowledge, wisdom, expertise with my Oncology cancer nursing work as a patient Nurse advocate/navigator, health & wellness coach, educator, facilitator, yoga practitioner, teacher, Registered continuing education and training school with yoga alliance. studio partner with yoga gives back foundation, member with american holistic nurses association, american college of lifestyle medicine.


Christina is a licensed oncology cancer nurse , certified cancer patient advocate and nurse navigator with hands on clinical and personal holistic experience of 15 + years. PRacticing as a Certified cancer patient nurse navigator and patient advocate from Harold Freeman Institute. she is a Certified Yoga Educator, E-RYT, YACEP, RYS, ashtanga yoga practitioner, health wellness, juicing coach, facilitator and speaker. Member to the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, Association of Oncology Nurse Navigators and American Holistic Nurses Association.

Growing up on the beautiful island of Guam, surrounded by tropical sunshine, rainbows and the deep blue ocean waters, I find home with the island life here in Maui, Hawaii healing and therapeutic. I love the culture, people, nature, homegrown fruits, vegetables we can sustain to promote breathing life healthily. I have adopted the mindful lifestyle to adore and embrace each sunrise and sunset as a daily reminder that every day is a gift for opportunities to make a meaningful difference one breath at a time.

After facing health issues with early stage cancer at such a young age, I found my path being led to mindfulness and healthier choices in everything I did one day at a time as a natural surrendering. truly Cultivating to a more purposeful life each day for my mind, body and spirit to embrace each day as a new beginning. mindfulness with my diet, work -life balance, physical and mental practices, social and environmental influences. What brought me great strength to endure all the challenges was my profound and evident experience of how each day of change, I felt great, awake, healthier, energized, happier and inspired for each sunrise to begin a new day. One of those practices has served as my saving grace, my true classical yoga practice, Ashtanga Yoga , on the mat daily integrating holistic practices with adapting clean diet and stress-free lifestyle is my personal story to my transformation.

Since then, my well-being was not only transformed but also my belief that awareness, knowledge, mindfulness, discipline to place value of life as to everything we eat and every activity we partake ourselves into doing, the reaction we display to every situation and the choices we make sums the outlook of a healthy mind, body and spirit.  When you are grateful that everyday you can breathe clean, believe in something that has transformed you for the better , you invest time to these practices the impacts your whole self, your whole health for the better. Health is our greatest wealth. the journey to holistic way of living is Understanding its philosophy, benefits, lifestyle, application where it becomes naturally a way of living.

When iā€™m not on the yoga mat practicing or teaching , my dharma (my calling-passion) as a cancer patient nurse advocate and navigator , health and wellness ambassador brings me light of joy, hope, purpose and service for opportunities to share, give back through teaching and mentoring new, established, experienced yoga practitioners, students , patients, survivors, teachers, health care professional and beautiful souls of all walks of life in exploring how living daily integrating complimentary practices such as Yoga, Breath, Meditation, Mindful lifestyle, Diet, Nutrition, juicing , exercise, Health & Wellness is the greatest asset we owe to ourselves. And I love beach walks, runs with my aussie, paddle boarding, reading, playing in the rain, twinkling the ivories of my piano and spending time with my dearest friends and family.

The effect of the Choices of what we Nourish our Mind, Body and Spirit is vital. The perfect compliment to my oncology nursing practice is this therapeutic yoga practices and mindful lifestyle. This has become a precious facet of my life.  And a lifetime gift I offer to many lives that I meet along the way each day.


Yoga practice is a beautiful addition to a healthy lifestyle. The power of breathing is profound.


I am in love with my Ashtanga Yoga Practice for its gifts which poured into my life

We have a chance every day to rise, shine, and appreciate every breath of life. The choice is up to us - we are accountable.  My belief is that our greatest health insurance is to take care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually as this is the body and mind we live in today.

To propagate the practice that changed my life, I founded Shala Santosha Yoga & Wellness. I offer my dharma and seva to a growing sangha in Maui, Hawaii and to my extended sangha globally.

I passionately enjoy donating my time to sharing this way of living and practice with at risk and under served populations.

My love for giving back, sharing, advocating, teaching has evolved to offering these practices for Health & wellness programs, workshops, apprenticeship for aspiring teachers, therapeutic yoga for special conditions, private yoga for self growth and development , retreats for transformations, and organizing integration of Yoga, Breath, Meditation, Mindful Living as health and wellness program to medical facilities to keep their team of health community workers healthy.  

Each year, I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to invest my time to continued education with my Oncology Nursing, Health & Wellness Coaching and my Yoga practice of Ashtanga. I have the greatest respect and gratitude to my teachers Manju Jois, Nancy Gilgoff, David Swenson, David Williams, Ken Harukuma, Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Jo Ichihara, Jack Fisher for instilling in me the true meaning and purpose of the practice. Peace, Love, Gratitude, Om Shanti' Namaste.

Christina Martini


The full ashtanga system practiced with devotion leads to freedom within one's heart.

- K. Pattabhi Jois 

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