Feel Energized by what you Feed your Mind, Body and Spirit

📿 Yoga is not only a Practice on the mat but a Lifestyle on and off the mat.  A lifestyle that also practices Being mindful with what Foods we choose to feed our mind and body. 

Diet, Nutrition plays a vital role in our lives and with the practice of yoga it can make significant changes to  our daily mood and how we feel about ourselves each day. 

Do you wake up feeling depressed, moody, sad, uninspired or unmotivated ? 

Do you feel depleted, low energy, restless, tired , unable to focus? 

Do you find yourself susceptible to getting sick more often , your immunity low to fight infections, colds, flu? 

How about getting those darn migraines, headaches, sinuses, body aches and stiffness? 

I’ve got great experiences to share with you. All that our mind, body and spirit goes through day after day, Mindfulness living can improved our quality of life by taking simple small steps to cultivate healthier choices, awareness and action. Beginning with what you feed your mind, body and spirit . Increasing your diet with High Prana foods, Prana is the master form of all energy that works at our every level of our being.

Prana is one of the most important aspects not only through the practice of Asana- Postures and Pranayama- Breath work but also what we nourish our bodies and mind. High Prana Diet holds together our life force. The benefits of flowing freely without hindrances helps one’s overall well being. 

so what’s a High Prana Diet ?

Healthy organic grown vegetables, fruits, plant base foods , whole foods are such examples of a High prana diet and those food is generally alkalizing or not so much acidity to the mind, body and spirit. Therefore keeps the body balanced and fed to fuel our activities, thoughts, moods, actions healthily .

What are some examples of High Prana foods? 

Whole foods, raw foods and anything organic.  Anything that is fresh , locally grown fresh food have tons of enzymes that supports our bodies needs for nutrients.  Foods that receives a lot of sunlight like bright colors and dark green Vegetables and Fruits, Sea vegetables, seaweed, natural oils from unprocessed meat, fish, eggs, avocado, dairy, nuts and seeds provide a boost to our health and wellbeing. You do know that the root of a lot of major illness and health conditions is inflammation in the body. Many studies have shown that a step to changing your diet , intaking more high prana foods supports natural anti-inflammatory to our bodies. 

It is most beneficial to those with Cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and to who are healing from many other illness.  Eating High Prana Food is good prevention.

How to begin to cultivate and change your ways of eating ? 

Choose mindfully , start one day a time , breathe slower, longer, continuously through the day. Remember It takes your effort of doing. If your ready to feel good, the benefits are worth it , the change is the best investment, health insurance to your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental state of being.

Give it a try if your tired of feeling sluggish and uninspired or unmotivated, done with getting frustrated, angry, annoyed, or feeling sick more often , its time to listen to what your body is speaking to you.

Next, begin to incorporate choosing higher prana foods beginning at breakfast , like fresh green juices, apple oatmeal, good protein breakfasts truly awakens our spirit and bring us to our overall well-being each day. 

My recommended Tips: 

  • Eat Organic or Locally-Grown Foods Whenever Possible stay away from dead or energy draining food. 

  • Choose food that is fresh, whole and unaltered by chemicals or harmful processing methods. Incorporating fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. It will give you an immediate energy boost.

  • Drink Energizing Beverages:  Herbal teas, fresh juicing, lassi, almond milk, water 

  • Eat Energizing Foods , whole grains, quinoa, barley ,amaranth.  and if you need cheese , check out panir (fresh cheese) these are all healthy energy-producing choices. Almonds, cashews, or walnuts are an excellent source of protein. Split-mung dhal, split beans are another excellent source of protein.

  • Add a variety of flavors to your meal. Eat with all six flavors;  sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent and pungent. Brings life to your taste bud. 

  • Cook with Energizing Spices & Herbs; organic cumin, organic ginger, organic fenugreek, organic turmeric, cardamom, paprika, black pepper, cinnamon, lavender, dill, oregano, rosemary, sage, coriander, mustard seed, etc, curry , bay leaves. 

  • sauté at low heat with good healthy oils ; olive, coconut or ghee. Use water instead of oil for some. 

  • Eat in a Relaxed Atmosphere respecting your time for eating and digesting will help improve your body and mind and digestion to properly reap the benefits of the nutrients of the foods. 

  • Check our some of my healthy choices recipes, fresh raw juices, my protein egg white quiche, chia pudding, my special oatmeal chia flax blend, soups, etc.

Ch Martini