Lilikoi Blueberries Coconut Chia Seed Delight

breathe Well, Eat Well, Live Well breakfast or snack

Lilikoi blueberries Coconut Chia delight . 

All the goodness to promote a clean healthy digestive system . 💚

Easy and simple to make the night before and goes a long way for the quick for working professionals on the go. ❣️

Aloha and bon appetit ❤️

A delicious juice packed with antioxidants

4 cups of fresh or frozen unsweetened blueberries

2 cups of fresh passion fruit -lilikoi

4 cups of fresh coconut milk

2 pinches of cayenne

2 tbsp ground cinnamon

Mis all together and prepare in 8 oz or 12 oz mason jars

chill and enjoy one everyday . this batch makes enough to enjoy for the week.

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