Spiced Red Lentil Spinach Dip, Its quite addicting !

How would you Like to be the talk of the party, serving this delicious Dip with celery sticks, cucumber slices, quinoa or corn chips, naan bread, carrot sticks, etc.?

Enjoy making this deliciously addicting dip that will rock your party table and guests.

The whole recipe is very easy to make bringing an aromatic fragrance to your kitchen with a few simple affordable ingredients.

Do you Know that Lentils come in colors; Brown, green, yellow, red or black , they are part of the Legumes Family., and more excitingly are super low in calories but pack with rich iron, folate and an excellent source of protein. They enrich our bodies with this health-promoting polyphenols that is known to maybe reduce several heart disease and other risk factors. Lentils are great for your fiber, folic acid, and potassium needs to support a healthy heart.

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Feel Energized by what you Feed your Mind, Body and Spirit

๐Ÿ“ฟ Yoga is not only a Practice on the mat but a Lifestyle on and off the mat.  A lifestyle that also practices Being mindful with what Foods we choose to feed our mind and body. 

Diet, Nutrition , High Prana Foods plays a vital role in our lives and with the practice of yoga it can make significant changes to  our daily mood and how we feel about ourselves each day. 

Do you wake up feeling depressed, moody, sad, uninspired or motivated ? 

Do you feel depleted, low energy, restless, tired , unable to focus? 

Do you find yourself susceptible to getting sick more often , your immunity low to fight infections, colds, flu? 

How about getting those darn migraines, headaches, sinuses, body aches and stiffness? 

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Ch Martini
Yoga for Cancer Survivors, Live, Fight, Survive

Christina Martini Guides a 15 min safe appropriate practice for one living with cancer . Whether on treatments, post treatments remission or survivorship we empower ourselves to live, fight, survive cancer through the healing practice of Breathe, Physical Movement Of postures and Meditation


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Yoga Practice Video for Everyone , 30-60 minutes Everyday

Half series, one hour of a dynamic energizing practice to support your body, mind and energy for the day. Whether you practice at sunrise or sunset, youโ€™ll be sure to feel great and alive! Just do it, get on the mat and breathe.


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The Wellness Shot Anyone ?

Do you Know the Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar?

My favorite, apple cider vinegar for the skin to help blemishes, acne , so amazing. Overtime when consistent with intake,Lowers Blood Sugar Levels and Fights Diabetes. Helps You Lose Weight and Reduces Belly Fat. Lowers Cholesterol and Improves Heart Health. Positive Effects Against Cancer.

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Some like it Hot!

I love Spices, most especially Hawaiian Chili Peppers in my Water, Juices, and meal Prep. 

I am so stoked that I can grow my own Hawaiian Clili Peppers, I call them my Ghost peppers cause man, oh man that peppa flavor just creeps up on your palate and heats up your soul.

Did you Know ? 

Chili peppers are very high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, important for wound healing and immune function.

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A Blend of Goodness

two cups Fresh Blueberries

one cup fresh Strawberries

2 fresh lime

two cups fresh beet juice

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Green Detox Juice

Kale is one of the healthiest and most nutritious leafy greens, loaded with vitamin C and iron. Both kale and spinach prevent oxidative stress related changes due to free radicals. Cucumbers have anti-inflammatory properties, they have a high water content, providing a liquid base for this drink. Dose of ginger and cilantro, which is known for its ability to help in the detoxification process. Try this recipe for a delicious detox!

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Juicing for a Low Sugar, Low Carb Diet

If you have blood sugar issues, juicing must be done carefully and with attention to sugar levels.  You Definitely want to avoid juicing too much fruit.

In fact, you should avoid fruit juice altogether, even if it comes in a juice box, bottle or a carton. The same thing goes for when youโ€™re at restaurants, if you see fruit juice on the menu might want to think twice about ordering it.

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