Holistic Whole Health Yoga Teacher Programs

holistic whole health approach to the disciplines and practices of yoga, helping those who wish to improve their physical, mental, spiritiual, emotional health and state of mind. Through the yoga principles of postures, breathing techniques, lifestyle, diet, relaxation techniques and meditation one can begin to feel good, improving health, overall well-being. This Program support physical and mental strength, balance and resilience for all. Special programs for health practitioners, therapists, military, those working with cancer, limitations and special conditions.

  •  are you already a dedicated yoga practitioner or established teacher or assistant and would like to expand your practice and knowledge to integrating holistic approach and principles to your yoga practice and teaching?

  • Your intentions are for self growth, development and exploring a more personal therapeutic practice and approach

  • Are you seeking continuing education, training to competently and safely be able to share and introduce the yoga practices to your students today, tomorrow and the future?

  • Your purpose, mission and intentions are to make a difference one life at a time working with individual private session.    


The art of holistic yoga practice

commitment, dedication to the principles, traditions, practice and the teachings, therefore the aspiring teacher or practitioner understands their mere intentions, purpose that the training involves lifetime ongoing self-study, practice , continuing education, experiences contact and non- contact and service work! 


The art of a qualified teaching

Students will gain the appropriate skills and knowledge necessary to work safely, intelligently with clients of all walks of life. young, old, healthy to health challenges, pre-existing conditions, limitations, chronic illness or injury as well as the ageing.


The art of healing and living yoga

we live the practice 24/7 and in doing so we do not just teach and share yoga but instead we emobdy yoga. When we take the role of a yoga teacher, mentor or advocate we are sharing a holistic practice that entails all the dimensions to one’s overall physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic state of being. we understand the space we hold to allow the healing, change, transformation to unfold without judgement or expectation and to celebrate the flow of life aligning our mind, body and sprit into all we do day after day. the opportunity to still the mind, prepare the body for meditation, relaxation , the foundation and philosophy of yoga.

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Disclaimer, school rules and regulations and REFUND POLICY: All Deposits are not refundable. The Shala may approve to offer alternative future dates based on reason for change. Once the retreat starts, There are NO exceptions, NO refunds will be issued. There are policies and rules to faithfully respect during group study, personal study time and training such as when, where, and how to perform/not perform yoga asanas for safety reasons this being understood that any deviation from such instructions shall be at my own risk and will not hold Shala Santosha Yoga and Maui Shala Santosha Yoga & Wellness, Christina Martini, instructors, lead trainers or employees responsible for any injuries caused whole on part by my failure to faithfully follow the instructions of the School Director and its Lead Trainers or by any physical impairment of mine not fully disclosed in writing under the application questions under injuries, limitations, medical conditions, pre-existing conditions. I Understand and acknowledge that I am to receive instruction in Yoga and Wellness involving a dynamic physical activity and I will not hold Shala Santosha Yoga, Maui Shala Santosha Yoga & Wellness, Christina Martini, instructors or employees to any higher standard of care than that applicable to yoga practice.
Rules and Regulations , Do's & Dont's , Yamas and Niyamas This program is an opportunity to look deep inside yourself by training your body and mind and growing the practices of yamas and niyamas (do’s & dont’s) as described below: -During the training, consumption of drugs, smokes and alcohol are prohibited. if this is difficult for you, please do not register for this program. Understand that this training is a holistic program emphasis to health and wellness through true yoga practices. - Please inform , if you have undergone any recent injuries or surgery including pregnancy . If you have any food or environmental allergy. Please bring your medications, health insurance card. The lodging accomodations is shared therefore you are in charge of your own health regarding allergies. There is no A/c only natural breeze, trade winds, rains, sunshines, rainbows, humidity, ceiling fans at the lodging site. This is an island, tropical weather therefore mosquitoes, geckos, insects are in the premises outdoors and indoors time to time. we keep the doors or screen doors closed for that reason. - Although our tropical environment is beautiful and tranquil, we encourage all to be mindful of your extracurricular leisure activities, if any injury occurs during the course and practice, the school and affiliated teachers are not liable. It is the students own responsibility toward their own safety during and after training each day. There are no refund for incomplete training due to any circumstances. - Even though our study environment is very safe, clean and secure we advise all students to take care of their valuable belongings as our lodging is a shared living space. - Students should be on time for all the classes and at least 90% attendance is required to meet the hours to qualify to receive the certificate of completion. If you miss any class time (except an emergency), the missed classes must be completed at extra cost to the student and according to the teacher’s availability while you are here. - It’s requested to maintain your accommodation and common areas clean and high degree of personal hygiene as this is part of our yoga practice and ethics. Shala Santosha maintains high standards of cleanliness. Your common living space, kitchen area, bathroom, if you are in a shared double occupancy to respectful to cleanliness. - It’s also requested to wear appropriate yoga attire during the training which is respectful to all. Yoga training sessions is not the beach therefore mindful to the length of your shorts and tops is requested. - We expect a friendly and respectful joyful attitude, aptitude, behaviour/manner towards yourself, each other, staffs, teachers and colleagues during your training period and resting hours. - School Director, lead instructor reserves all rights to frame and enforce any other rules that are necessary from time to time besides the above rules.