My Journey begins as yours begins. 

Crossing through numerous known thresholds in my life in 2006, surviving medical conditions, surgeries, early stage cancer,  my Ashtanga Yoga practice was and is my greatest health assurance, insurance and medicine then and now.  The profound transformation of healing through the Breathing, Physical Practice, Meditation, Mindfulness living with the 8 limbs with each rich disciplined traditions,  teachings, philosophy  brought me to detox away unhealthy habits, cleansing me to renew my spirit of strength, courage, faith, purifying my mind , body and energy to always rise and shine with gratitude and acceptance. Today I have Santosha, contentment for what every  present day gives and brings.  This practice and way of living changed and saved my life and many others on a daily basis.   My practice heals me to where I can enjoy every breath of life to the fullest embracing  greater purpose.  I believe all should have the opportunity to experience mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually the gifts and many positive benefits of Yoga and Wellness living.  If you rise each day and are able to Breathe Well, Eat well then you’ll walk each hour of that day Living well with Joy and Fulfillment. Santosha . 

Christina Martini has been a student/practitioner and teacher of yoga since early 2000 and is an internationally recognized teacher with countless+ hours of training. Based in Guam, Southeast Asia, Hawaii, California Orange County and San Francisco.  A licensed oncology-cancer nurse,  nurse navigator for cancer patients, She is also the founder, owner, director, lead teacher of Ashtanga Shala Santosha Yoga established 2012.  Her Shala is located in San Francisco and Maui, Hawaii, where she offers traditional Yoga practices of Mysore-style Ashtanga program, Led guided classes, workshops, private one one one, Health & wellness personal  consultant advocating healthier lifestyle with mindfulness to lifestyle, diet & nutrition coaching. She also opens an opportunity for apprenticeship study for aspiring students with a calling to share and teach yoga.  She is a registered educator of Yoga Alliance as her school is registered as RYS, E-RYT200hr, and YACEP.  Her Favorite is the opportunity to offer her passion enriching lives with the power of knowledge to health & wellness through special transformation retreats impact one life at a time for healthier clean living.  

Christina believes in listening to her dharma and her purpose of her seva work calls her to share health, wellness, yoga practices and lifestyles with anyone she meets. She celebrates her day after teaching and practicing yoga sharing her time as a licensed oncology-cancer nurse.  She finds her Yoga and meditation practices as a wonderful asset and compliment to herself as she cares for her patients needs each day to live, fight and survive cancer.  Teaching and offering education with the practices of breathing, mindfulness, meditation, yoga and holistic health with diet and nutrition is what she enjoys most, bringing her fulfillment.  

She is a forever dedicated student to the classical 8 limbs of yoga, Hatha, vinyasa, emphasis to the Ashtanga Yoga philosophy.   She enriches many lives on and off the mat with her personal and professional clinical experiences of a holistic health and wellness practices and lifestyles.  Christina finds true fulfillment and contentment in giving back through service of helping one life at a time to create a life of better health, longevity and prevention. A healthy positive state of mental, physical and spiritual journey.  She teaches and invites all walks of life, all level of practices with love and gratitude if you want change in your life, she will motivate you to give your all unconditionally.  She travels and continues each year studying and furthering her education and practices with her teachers. 

Christina’s classes are special as she works with one on one in a group setting and also led guided group classes. Her guided classes flow synchronizing to precise flow of breath and posture movement which at first, can be challenging however, her vast insights and experiences ,she offers proper modifications and variations for one to enjoy and celebrate their practice. She is known for her attentiveness and conscientious abilities to truly get to know her students, practitioners and retreat attendees beyond the mat, being we are all unique and in different levels and abilities of our mind and body.  With her years of experience ,learning from her self practice and study, her foremost attention is to ensuring that all her practitioners feel safe, confident, welcome and comfortably joyful at the end of their practice to return for each new day.  Her everyday smile is contagious and positively inspiring, she brings brightness and wisdom to life, she shares her love for music through beautiful chanting and singing of mantras where she serenades in Savasana.  Her strength of firmness in her disciplines of teachings with a loving support  to the intentions of her students needs, many have experienced healing assists and adjustments to their pre-existing conditions, improving and healing.  She brings encouragement, dedication, devotion and Authenticity to the  traditional sequencing of the yoga practice as taught to her by the lineage of master teachers who gifted this practice to her and all. 

Away from the mat, and her cancer work, she enjoys creative healthy cooking, creating juicing blends, cleanses. Gardening, playing the piano, jogs ,strolls at the beach, a good read relaxing in nature, enjoying the beach and special time with her family and dearest friends. She loves stillness too, just to breathe and be. 

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