Born and raised on the beautiful island of Guam, I grew up surrounded by tropical sunshine, rainbows and the deep blue ocean. I have learned to adore and embrace each sunrise as a reminder that every day is a gift and an opportunity to help.

I relocated to southern California in 1997 where I attained a degree in Health Science with a major in Nursing, specializing in oncology, and a minor degree in music, with an emphasis piano pedagogy.

In 2000 after facing life threatening health issues, I began my ashtanga yoga practice for healing and wellness. Since then, my overall well-being was not only transformed but also my outlook on life’s purpose and meaning. I invested my time in deeper study of the practice, gaining knowledge of the Yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and therapeutic purposes for transformation. A healthy diet, practice, and outlook on life became of utmost importance. Each day the practice of yoga, mindful breathing, and meditation provides a solid foundation of gratitude and joy to life.

During my days I advocate and navigate cancer patients through their cancer journey with a non-profit foundation. In the early mornings and evenings I deeply enjoy every opportunity to share, give back through teaching and mentoring new, established, experienced practitioners and students of all walks of life in exploring the profound benefits of living well through the practices of Yoga, Breath, Meditation, Mindful living, Health & Wellness, Choices of what we Nourish our Mind, Body and Spirit. The perfect compliment to my oncology nursing practice! This has became a precious facet of my life.  And a lifetime gift to many lives that I meet along the way each day.


I am in love with my Ashtanga Yoga Practice for its gifts which poured into my life


Yoga practice is a beautiful addition to a healthy lifestyle. The power of breathing is profound.

We have a chance every day to rise, shine, and appreciate every breath of life. The choice is up to us - we are accountable.  My belief is that our greatest health insurance is to take care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually as this is the body and mind we live in today.

To propagate the practice that changed my life, I founded Shala Santosha Yoga & Wellness. I offer my dharma and seva to a growing sangha in Maui, Hawaii and to my extended sangha globally.

I passionately enjoy donating my time to sharing this way of living and practice with at risk and under served populations.

My love for giving back, sharing, advocating, teaching has evolved to offering these practices for Health & wellness programs, workshops, apprenticeship for aspiring teachers, therapeutic yoga for special conditions, private yoga for self growth and development , retreats for transformations, and organizing integration of Yoga, Breath, Meditation, Mindful Living as health and wellness program to medical facilities to keep their team of health community workers healthy.  

Each year, I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to invest my time to continued education with my Oncology Nursing, Health & Wellness Coaching and my Yoga practice of Ashtanga. I have the greatest respect and gratitude to my teachers Manju Jois, Nancy Gilgoff, David Swenson, David Williams, Ken Harukuma, Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Jo Ichihara, Jack Fisher for instilling in me the true meaning and purpose of the practice. The purpose of this practice goes beyond the mat to make a better world for all to live in and enjoy true happiness.  

Peace, Love, Gratitude, Om Shanti' Namaste,

Christina Martini